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Ident Team of Dental Specialists—Coordination of Care

Here at Ident we have developed a team of dental specialists with our Prosthodontist acting in the capacity to bridge the gap between the general dentist and the specialist, forging a professional relationship that will strengthen the patient loyalty to the practice.

Our Prosthodontist, Dr. Jon Ackerman, is here as a resource for patient consultations, ensuring proper patient care in the delivery of a proposed treatment plan. Consultations and education for general dentists on advanced prosthetics are made available to help reduce the liability of compromised patient treatment plans.

As everyone knows, recent economic conditions have made it more difficult for small businesses to remain profitable. Dental specialists have not been immune from this economic challenge. So we pose the question, what can practitioners do to remain successful in the face of these financial difficult times? That is why in today’s competitive health care market, we find it is necessary to remain at forefront in our relationship building with our referring doctors. Growth and success require careful planning and a constant investment of time and we here at Ident believe that to be the cornerstone of our success.