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Ident Specialists Value Your Patient Referral

Despite the growing use of the Internet and the diversity of other marketing resources available for today’s health care consumers, our staff here at Ident takes pride in the value of our network of general dentists referrals when referring to oral health care specialists.

According to a survey conducted by the Center for Studying Health System Change, in 2007, more than 25 million American adults were looking for a new primary care physician and 63 million were looking for a new specialist. The study found that 38% of those looking for a primary healthcare provider chose one who was referred by a fellow healthcare provider they are currently seeing.

Our efforts in creating relationships in our dental provider community throughout the Hudson Valley entails extending our team of dental specialists to area general dentists, respect for our colleagues time, commitment to our practice for quality care and cultivating our position and relationship as a valuable resource for the general dentist.

Once your office has become part of our dental provider referral network you will receive educational pamphlets for patients, referral cards, invitations to special events and continuing education seminars, and a quarterly newsletter about our locations, services, and updates.

We look forward to forging a new relationships with your practice as well creating a support network of dental professionals for both you and the patient.