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Meet Our Periodontist – Dr. Amir Ahmadi , DDS


I joined the iDent team when it became clear to me that the other specialists on the team had a similar commitment to excellence.

Mentoring as an assistant professor of New York University dept of Periodontics and Implant dentistry has not only allowed me continued professional affiliations, but also permitted an accessible resource tool for improved patient care. The time at New York University has not only created satisfaction for me as a focal educator but an opportunity to forge relationships with developing general dentists. My role as a dental health care provider is apparent to all patients, "I’m a Periodontist." So I am diligent and adequately credentialed to excel in implantology and all phases of periodontal therapy.

The balance between my professional and personal life becomes apparent in the diverse patient population referred to me by so many general dentists. I knew early on in my quest to be a distinguished periodontal provider I would have to forge a fluent communication network between the patient and the primary general dental provider. Crossing over and balancing between clinician and health care provider has been that reflection of my innate concern for the welfare of the people in the community's I serve.

Ident has been important for me through its philosophy to care for a patient’s dental health. The evolving curriculum of care at Ident completes the balance for myself and is perpetuated in a continued stride to maintain the standard of excellence and clinical care.

Dr. Amir Ahmadi brings his expertise in periodontics and implant dentistry to the offices of iDent.   

Dr. Ahmadi emphasizes an individualized approach to patient care.  Gentle and compassionate treatment is his goal.  Dr. Ahmadi brings to his practice a philosophy of patient empowerment.   

Dr. Ahmadi is here to help you achieve and maintain ideal health, aesthetics, and function of mouth. 

Doctor Ahmadi is a bord certified periodontist.   Doctor Ahmadi attended  the University of California in San Diego where he received degrees in Biology and Psychology.  He then received his DDS degree from New York University.  Amir then received three additional years of surgical training at the New York University College of Dentistry, Department of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, where he is currently an Assistant Professor.