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Meet Dr. Jon Ackerman Our New York Prosthodontist

dr.jon ackerman

“After 20 years in clinical dentistry as a prosthodontist, I am excited by the unique opportunity offered to the dental community by the creation of the IDENT team.  Finally there is a resource for those dentists or patients who are seeking a coordinated, streamlined answer to their complex dental needs.  As much as I enjoy watching my patients’ reactions as they see the smile they always wanted for the first time, IDENT now gives me the opportunity to share my expertise and training with my colleagues and a much larger population than I could as a solo practitioner.”

Dr. Jon F. Ackerman, our IDENT prosthodontist, is proud to bring the philosophy of team approach dentistry to the community at-large.  Dr. Ackerman, a graduate of the prestigious University of Virginia, received his dental degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which is consistently ranked among the top dental schools in the nation.  Dr. Ackerman began his dental career of treating varied and complex patient needs during his residency at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, where he was asked to stay on and serve as Chief Resident for an additional year.  Dr. Ackerman then elected to pursue his chosen specialty of Prosthodontics at the renowned Henry Goldman School of Dentistry at Boston University.  As a trained prosthodontist, Dr. Ackerman has the unique training and expertise to recognize and coordinate multi-specialty care. As a member of the IDENT family, Dr. Ackerman is now able to facilitate a patient’s specialty care under one roof.

While a member of the Columbia University Dental School faculty and as a private practitioner, Dr. Ackerman has lectured extensively on a multitude of topics ranging from overall treatment planning philosophy of complex dental care to how to satisfy the esthetic demands of a dental implant patient.  Dr. Ackerman has given many lectures on dental care for the older patient and takes particular pride and pleasure in being one of the few private dental practitioners to be on the referral list for the Altzheimers Association in Manhattan.  Dr. Ackerman serves as an editor for the premier peer-reviewed prosthodontic journal, and is a member of the American Dental Society and 9th District Dental Society.

Dr. Ackerman is a dedicated educator in dentistry and he spent a good portion of his career as a full time professor at the Columbia University School of Dentistry.  While at Columbia, he began to develop the philosophy of a multi-specialty resource for the dental community.  As creator and director of the Columbia University Dental Implant Center and Specialty Consultation Center, Dr. Ackerman recognized the value of having a convenient solution for dentists to gain specialty expertise and advice for the treatment planning of their more complex patient needs. 

It is exciting for Dr. Ackerman to join the IDENT team, which expands upon this philosophy by offering not only expert opinions, but by providing the community with the opportunity for coordinated, high level specialized dental treatment.  Dr. Ackerman believes that IDENT, by creating a welcoming environment where dentists can send or bring their patients for surgical, periodontal and endodontic treatment, will allow the participating dentists to achieve their full potential for delivering the highest in dental care.  In addition, by eliminating the stress on the patient of trying to coordinate multiple visits to multiple specialist offices, Dr. Ackerman knows that dentists will appreciate the IDENT commitment to comprehensive, cooperative dental treatment.  Dr. Ackerman looks forward to working with you in realizing a new, exciting model of dentistry for the twenty-first century.