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Desirable Pearly Whites ­ Ident Cosmetic Dentistry

Let Ident help you achieve your desires ³pearly whites² by meeting your oral health needs and delivering to you your ideal dental treatment plan.

What is Prosthodontics?

Prosthodontics is the dental specialty pertaining to your oral health diagnosis, dental treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance of the oral function, comfort and desired appearance of your mouth.

Why see an Ident Prosthodontist in New York?

An Ident Prosthodontist can be considered an architect and designer of your smile. The Prosthodontist will engineer your dental treatment plan to enhance your oral health by restoring functionality though treatment of complex dental conditions whether acute or chronic. At our ident locations throughout New York when designing your customized dental treatment plan the Prosthodontist takes into consideration your form to follow function.

Ident Prosthodontist Working for You The Patient

Our Prosthodontist has extensive dental training in advanced methods for replacing and restoring teeth when your services exceed the scope of the general dentist.

Ident Prosthodontist Working With You and Your General Dentist

Our Prosthodontist can work as part of our collaborative Ident team of dental specialists and your general dentist to bring you a highly effective, aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance dental treatment plan.

Prosthodontics Can Help Improve The Longevity of Your Smile

The concepts and rules dictating the development of a pleasing smile were determined by Prosthodontists almost a century ago in order to make dental procedures such as dentures, crowns, and dental bridges, appear and function natural. Using advanced skills and techniques based on research and experience, a Prosthodontist possesses the ability to provide the best possible dental treatment plan customized to meet you dental health needs. Our Prosthodontists receive extensive training in veneers, dental crowns also known as ³dental caps², bridges, dental implant restorations and other corrective measures for esthetic imbalances of your smile.